Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Signs that Don't Swing by the Landless Landlord
No need for signs to be restricted only to hanging things that swing. On that criterion, the White Hart, Mile End Road would be excluded, which would be a shame, given the interesting stonework. Clearly Victorian, it speaks of an age of confidence for the industry barely imaginable now. Whoever did it was clearly an architect of serious learning, because here we have a perfectly placed bucranium just a little altered to represent the pub name - bull or ram's skull replaced by a dear's. Sort of whit, really, but subtle and learned.


  1. as izoard i'd like to have the possibiltiy of posting some 'interesting' pictures, of some places you may have worked in - back in the days...

  2. I'd like that. I'll have to work out how to enable it! I'll get on the case, but you know, all this is a bit new to me, having spent so long behind bars, as you might say.